Advisory examples: international financial law

Netherlands-based international company structure

An international entrepreneur in the Bollywood industry needed help in setting up an international company structure, including a Dutch holding company:

We are looking for someone that can help us makes sense of regulations pertaining to a BV company registered in the Netherlands. Are you involved with Holding Structured and Private Equity?

LinkedIn, Aug. 2017

I advised regarding tax, asset protection and practical issues.

Asset protection

A Swiss international asset management firm needed help in setting up an asset protection entity in The Netherlands.

What are the requirements for setting up an asset protection foundation in The Netherlands and what are the advantages/disadvantages? If the Board member/director is a Legal Entity, what information is required by the Notary?

LinkedIn, April 2019

I wrote a memo regarding the structure/requirements of a Dutch foundation, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. I designed the statutes, and I made the correct introductions to set up the foundation.

Initial Public Offering

An Irish company needed help with their Initial Public Offering, but lacked the experience of dealing with the financial institutions:

As a follow on to our meeting I am attaching the new updated Executive Summary ( which outlines our updated present position and thinking) and a copy of the Presentation already given to you yesterday.

Email, May 2019

I coached the company and advised them how to structure their equity and use their client base to prove potential interest in order to persuade the financial institution to accompany the IPO.

Private Placement Memorandum

A number of clients ask me if a Private Placement Memorandum is required to attract investors. For example:

Can you review and advise if the efforts with the European Accredited investors will require any modification to satisfy the British Columbia rules? 

Email, May 2019

When attracting European Investors, companies or funds will state that the investor must fall within the definition of “Professional Investor”. A Professional Investor is a person or body who, at the time of the investment, falls into certain categories. In order to prevent problems with the financial authorities I make a Private Placement Memorandum, including a business plan and financial analysis that is only accessible to Professional Investors.