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Vermijden: de nieuwe personenvennootschap als vervanger voor de maatschap en de vennootschap onder firma (VOF)

Er zijn in Nederland ongeveer 231.000 personenvennootschappen: de maatschap, de vennootschap onder firma (VOF) en de commanditaire vennootschap (CV). Vooral in het midden- en kleinbedrijf (MKB), in de agrarische sector en de dienstverlening wordt gebruik gemaakt van deze personenvennootschappen. Binnenkort worden deze rechtsvormen gewijzigd. Naar mijn mening moeten alle persoonsvennootschappen door ondernemers worden vermeden omdat…
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How Chambers of Commerce Help Family Offices and Wealth Management Firms

A Chamber of Commerce has traditionally furthered the interests of businesses in a particular geography or market sector by way of representation, business services, and networking opportunities. Multilateral Chambers of Commerce can link the business environments of two or more countries, such as the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. International Chambers of Commerce, such as…
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Becoming an International Offshore Centre – Steps to be taken by African nations

Introduction A number of African countries have began the process of moving away from being a tax haven to being an international finance centre, offering financial products to take advantage of the increasing international mobility of capital and labour. Legislations are continually being written with this goal in mind. It is important to enact laws that…
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The value of a Dutch foundation for international asset protection

According to the Rule of Law Index , the Dutch justice system ranks as one of the most reliable and effective in the world. In general terms, only the Scandinavian justice systems seem to do better. In terms of resistance to discrimination, corruption and undue political influence, The Netherlands is even ranked #1. Companies that…
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Tax structuring with Dutch private limited liability companies – shareholders’​ rights

Mainly due to its tax efficiency, the Dutch holding (BV) company regime is the most preferred holding regime in the world. The Dutch tax regime is beneficial regarding withholding tax, capital gains and income received from subsidiaries. Other advantages of a BV are the flexibility of Dutch corporate law and tax law, as well as the…
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Getting Haiti back in the saddle

Goal of the article In 2017, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School gave an important presentation about a strategy for restoring Haiti’s prosperity. A crucial part of his advice is to “make attracting foreign investment a core strategy“. In this article I will provide a suggestion to implement such a strategy.

Example of a tax minimization technique, called “double Irish with a Dutch sandwich”

The double Irish with a Dutch sandwich is a tax avoidance technique employed by large corporations, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. This construction is called double Irish because two Irish companies are used in the arrangement. It involves the use of a combination of Irish and Dutch subsidiary companies to shift profits to low tax jurisdictions. One of the Irish…
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De factuur fiscaal bezien

Het komt voor dat de belastingdienst de aftrek van BTW in facturen weigert. Met name als het om grotere bedragen gaat. Het verwijt dat de ondernemer dan wordt gemaakt is dat de omvang en aard van de werkzaamheden niet is vast te stellen. Wat zegt het internationale recht over de inhoud van de factuur?