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Introduction and Finder Fee Agreements: safeguarding your interests

Intermediaries, such as introducers and finders, play a crucial role in connecting businesses with potential investors, customers, or other opportunities. However, these arrangements can lead to disputes if not properly structured. This article highlights key takeaways from recent cases to help intermediaries safeguard their interests. The Importance of written agreements A common pitfall for intermediaries…
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Investing in China becomes even more risky

Beijing retaliated with a new rule on June 1, 2023, less than two months after the G7 countries decided to de-risk from China on May 7 in response to concerns about China’s human rights record, its aggressive trade practices, and its military expansion one year after the US-China semiconductor war officially began. A hastily passed law that became effective the same…
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Vallen beleggings(studie)clubs onder de AIFM-richtlijn?

Of een (beheerder van een) beleggingsclub kwalificeert als (beheerder van een) alternatieve beleggingsinstelling (abi) en dus valt onder de AIFM-richtlijn dient per individueel geval te worden beoordeeld. Gezichtspunten die een rol kunnen spelen bij de aanname dat dit in een concreet geval niet het geval is zijn (bron AFM):

Vrijstelling van toezicht op een beleggingsaanbod

Soms gelden er vrijstellingen en valt een beleggingsaanbod niet onder het toezicht van de AFM. Met deze informatie weet u binnen een minuut of er sprake is van een vrijstelling. Beleggen buiten toezicht (YouTube) Effecten, zoals aandelen en obligaties Als u op een van de onderstaande vragen met een ‘ja’ kunt antwoorden, geldt er een…
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The future of investment dispute settlement

The original article was published in Family Office Magazine and can be found here. Entrepreneurs engaging in international investments face several issues when they are accused of a breach of contract. When the investment agreement does not provide solid provisions for dispute settlement, endless legal discussions and expensive court cases in unfamiliar jurisdictions can be…
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Intermediary commission percentages to raise money from investors

Investment banks and other consultants can plan and execute a fundraising campaign for startups and for companies in the growth phase. A reputable fundraising intermediary will likely speed up the process, reduce the legal risks, and negotiate a better deals. Most brokers will take a monthly retainer plus 5 percent to 15 percent of the…
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How Chambers of Commerce Help Family Offices and Wealth Management Firms

A Chamber of Commerce has traditionally furthered the interests of businesses in a particular geography or market sector by way of representation, business services, and networking opportunities. Multilateral Chambers of Commerce can link the business environments of two or more countries, such as the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. International Chambers of Commerce, such as…
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Official opening of the Court of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC)

The official opening of the Court of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) took place in Nur-Sultan. Since January last year, civil and commercial disputes have been solved in accordance with the best international practices and based on English law. The first case went to AIFC court in February of this year. The case is now…
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Do I need a private placement memorandum (PPM) when attracting investors?

Yes. If you are seeking to raise investment money for your startup, keep in mind that the best measure you can take to protect yourself against frivolous claims is by disclosing as much information about your company as possible. This way, if things go wrong and your private investors threaten to sue you for securities…
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Choosing between debt and equity financing

Debt Financing Borrowing money to finance the operations and growth of a business can be the right decision under the proper circumstances. The owner doesn’t have to give up any control of his business, but too much debt can inhibit the growth of the company.

Getting Haiti back in the saddle

Goal of the article In 2017, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School gave an important presentation about a strategy for restoring Haiti’s prosperity. A crucial part of his advice is to “make attracting foreign investment a core strategy“. In this article I will provide a suggestion to implement such a strategy.

The myth of the financialization of the housing market

Background In February 2017, mrs Leilani Farha, the United Nations’ special rapporteur for housing, presented a paper on housing commoditisation to the UN human rights council in Geneva. The paper explains how an unregulated financial market has boosted housing prices to a level that excludes low-income households from certain attractive urban locations and created social…
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